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Hampshire-based Community Orchestra




Marchwood Prelude is a community orchestra that plays a varied menu of light classical, showtime, film and other popular music.

– emphasise the importance of fun and enjoyment in music making;
– offer a gateway to everyone to make progress in musical attainment;
– provide an opportunity for those who may lack confidence, to join a thriving orchestra;
– offer a community of care for one another’s well-being;
– raise funds for charities and important causes in the Waterside area.

Our next concert planned for Saturday 28th November 2020

at 7:00 pm

in Marchwood Village Hall

has been postponed due to Government Restrictions

The following photographs of the celebration of one hundred years since the end of WWI concert on Sunday 18th November 2018 in Marchwood Village Hall, were taken by Hamza Ozcali and Lewis Hall from Redbridge School in Southampton

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